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Building a New Home

​We genuinely enjoy sharing each building experience with our customers.
​Our goal is to provide every customer with a positive building experience resulting in the creation of the home of your dreams and a sound financial investment that will serve you for many years to come.

​​​Building a new home can be so easy! From finding the perfect land to selecting fixtures and flooring,
Amber's  Licensed Real Estate Professionals  will help you do it all right from the start. For more than thirty years, we have worked with quality home builders,  building high quality custom homes ranging in size from1,500 square feet starter homes to 10,000 square foot beach homes.

Amber's Real Estate Services also understand that the process of building your custom home can be overwhelming.
We can confidently say that it is a manageable process

Financing is the Most Important and the First Step in Building a Custom Home
 Our Real Estate Professonal that Specialize in New Home Construction.
They will help make your home building experience enjoyable one.
Assisting you with the home building process of working with your
lender ,contractor,plan designer ,real estate professional and attorney to get your dream home
from contract to close. 


Site Selection
 Whether you own a lot, or have been dreaming of living in one of the luxury neighborhoods ,
​we build in or simply know that you just want a beautiful custom home, we are here to help!
We work with trusted and experienced area real estate professionals that can help steer you to the
ideal custom home site.

Plan Design
To begin the design on your new home, we will meet and determine your goals, needs, and desires.
It is a good idea to bring clipping from Magazines, or pictures of rooms or details you like.
These visual aids helps to build a picture of the style you like. We also have several floor plans to choose from that can be customized to fit your needs. 
Once you are ready to move forward, we request a small plan design deposit to get the process started.
The plan design deposit is credited back to you once the contract and price have been agreed upon

Once the design is complete and approved, the plans are brought up to ¼” scale, elevations will are prepared and agreed upon, and initial specifications provided.
This gives us as the builder enough information to give you a formal proposal for the home.

Once the price and specifications are approved, we present you with a formal contract.
Once signed, we complete the plans and engineering to get ready for permitting.
During this time, you will also review the plans with our interior design team working out details such as ceilings,
arches, niches, and built-ins,which need to be incorporated in the final plans.

Your plans are now ready, and we submit the package and contract to the bank for the construction loan. We work with the bank of your choice or if need be,
can recommend several attractive mortgage organizations.
Once the loan is approved or if you decide to pay cash,
we submit the plans to the building department to obtain the building permit.

The Selection Process
During the selection process, you review and decide on the interior selections for your new home.
This is a fun process that you will be guided through by our team. Selections include tile, hardwood, carpet, appliances, plumbing fixtures,lighting fixtures and cabinets.

All combined the selection process normally takes 20 – 30 hours. Obviously this doesn’t all happen in a couple of days; it is a lot to absorb,
but we usually require everything be finalized within one month from signing the contract

Timeline of Build
Standard construction time for a custom home to be built from start to finish:
4-6 months for a 3000 sq. ft. home, 7 months for a 5000 sq. ft. and 18 – 24 months for a 15,000 sq. ft. home.

Ready to get Started?

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​dream home today.

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